Automated Installation in

Morgantown, Wv for Homes & Businesses

Team up with the technicians at JRM TEC, Inc. and simplify your approach to lighting at home and at work. With professional automated installation in Mount Morris, PA, it’s now possible to control your property’s lighting fixtures and blinds/shades from your phone or computer. Never worry about wasting electricity or letting in too much sunlight again - our services are designed to make your day easier.

Lighting Fixtures

Save time, money, and energy with lighting fixtures you can easily control from any device. In the past, we had to physically switch lights on and off. When dimmers were invented, we had a little more control. Now, thanks to advances in smart devices, controlling your lighting’s intensity and on/off cycle is simpler than ever. Best of all, you can control the automated interiors from anywhere, at any time.

Both businesses and homeowners benefit from automated lighting. That’s because, as humans, we’re fallible - sometimes we forget to turn off the lights before heading out. Other times, we want to control the intensity of overhead lights to set the mood for a cozy night in, or to reduce eye strain. With automated lighting fixtures installed by our technicians, you can do all the above - and more.

Window Treatments

JRM TEC, Inc. is an authorized Lutron automated blinds and shades dealer. As such, whether you’re looking to furnish your business or residence, we’re up to the challenge with the best products in the industry. With onsite consultations and installation services, it’s easy to integrate your new shades with any existing system. Automated window treatments are the new must-haves for smart homes and businesses.

With automated window treatments, you can program your coverings to a preset setting. Depending on the time of day and outside temperature, these shades can lower during the warmest times of day, reducing your electric bill and protecting your interior from damaging UV rays. If you’re a business owner, you’ll have the ability to raise all shades in the office as soon as the workday starts, then lower them in the middle of the day to reduce glare.

It all happens from the palm of your hand with convenient keypads, handheld remotes, touch panels, or even through an app on your cellphone. Let our technicians know what you prefer, and we’ll show you devices that meet your needs.

Contact us today to learn more about the automated installation process. We proudly serve homes and businesses in Mount Morris, Pennsylvania, and nearby areas.